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Poseur tables for hire are increasingly popular, however not everyone knows exactly what they are and what role they play during events or celebrations. Essentially, poseur tables are taller than ordinary tables and because of this they make excellent tables for celebrations and events for people to stand around and catch up.

Poseur tables are ideal for social events due to people not being confined to a seat, but able to mingle whilst having somewhere high up to leave their food or drink. Because poseur tables encourage interactions they are perfect for parties, weddings, conferences and also work well within bistro areas and bars.

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Poseur Cover

Hiring poseur table covers from us...

Hiring poseur table covers from us...

If you’re including poseur tables for your indoor or outdoor event and they are to coincide with ordinary tables and chairs, then they need to be finished with linen covers. Without this, you lose a great opportunity to display elegance, glamour and style. If you’re hiring a complete range of linens from us then we can ensure that the exact materials, colours and styles will be used for your poseur table covers making sure that the finished look is one of professionalism.

The poseur table linen within our ranges has the ability to completely change the appearance of your celebration, event or party into something that will leave a lasting impression on guests. The finishing touch is undoubtedly linen, ours is the absolute cream of the crop and it will not let you or your event down.

Our experience and knowhow includes an insight to both worlds of: hospitality and interior design. We know what works, what looks great and what is also practical and the most appropriate for your needs. We are much more than suppliers - we are experts. We provide the highest possible quality for your poseur table covers, at the lowest possible prices and our service, we believe, is second to none.

Poseur Cover

The benefits hiring vs buying.

The benefits hiring vs buying.

Hiring your linen is the most cost effective solution for your event decor. It means that you don’t need to search around to find something suitable, then iron and display it yourself prior to the event and then launder and store it yourself after it. We believe that the main benefit is that of the guarantee we provide of excellent quality and extreme convenience every time.

Our reputation is something that we have worked hard for since our establishment. Clients have consistently received professionalism and reliability from us, gaining a lot of our newer clients to come to us through word of mouth. We have an expert eye for detail and a logistics system, which will never allow room for disappointment.

We offer advice and guidance prior to purchase, which is where we can combine your wishes with our knowledge and come up with the perfect table covers for you and your event. Our range of colours is huge and we also provide many different fabrics such as Lycra, cotton, velvet, satin and silks.

We want you to be happy with our service and so we do everything within our power to ensure that you will be. We can deliver your poseur table covers either to your home or to the venue of the event, and even have our experts to cover your poseur tables with our linens to ensure that they will be finished to the highest standard - with no room for error.

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We can deliver your linen either to your home or your event venue

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We are Linen Hire

Elevate any event from the ordinary to the extraordinary with our crisp, luxurious and beautifully presented linen. Offering pristine linen gives your event a feeling of elegance and opulence and can make even the most commonplace furniture come alive. When you add our superior quality linen you are saying to your guests, whether they be family members or company employees, that they are valued.

All our linen is freshly laundered and hand-inspected before it is delivered to you. Hiring linen from us allows you to create your very own theme, safe in the knowledge that the linen will arrive in perfect condition, delivered on time and to your exacting specifications. We also collect the linen following your event, so there is no need for you to worry about laundering, leave it all to us.

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We're experienced event professionals and the industry experts when it comes to your requirements.

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We understand that appearance is everything and that linen plays a huge role in forming the atmosphere of the day.

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From romantic to professional, we have linen to complete the theme of your choice and can meet any special requirements.

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Our Range, Specially selected by us  for you.

Whether its table linen for a wedding, trestle tablecloths for a corporate event, chair covers for an anniversary, or party linen for a child’s birthday party, we can supply it all. We have a huge range of colours, 34 to be exact, including pure white linen, colour popping bright and subtle pastel hues. This range of colours allows you to create a dramatic look with contrasts of table cloths and runners, napkins and chair covers.

You can let your imagination run wild as we have not only several colour combinations for you to play with, but covers for square, round, poseur and trestle tables. We also have a host of different fabrics that add an elegance to any event, including jacquard, brocade, velvet, organza, Lycra and lamé. We are proud to offer the most competitive prices in London and the South East, and our customer service is second to none.