Our linen hire ticks every box.

Our linen hire ticks every box.

It is carefully inspected by hand before it leaves us, to ensure that there are no marks or flaws and that is will arrive with you in a beautiful, crisp and professional fashion. We are confident that with our linen hire included in your day, your event will be extra special.

We have an eye for excellence and we know what works, and what doesn’t. With your ideas and our expertise we feel confident that you will feel more than satisfied with our linen hire service.


Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Customer satisfaction is our priority.

We aim for customer satisfaction and we know how much stress is involved when planning a function, so we try to make our service as convenient as possible.

We can deliver your linen either to your home or your event venue and dress your tables, chairs and decor with our linen to ensure it looks professional and stylish. We can then take the linen away after the event to, again, save on your time, stress and money.

Customer Satisfaction is

We can deliver your linen either to your home or your event venue

Who We Are?

We are Linen Hire

Elevate any event from the ordinary to the extraordinary with our crisp, luxurious and beautifully presented linen. Offering pristine linen gives your event a feeling of elegance and opulence and can make even the most commonplace furniture come alive. When you add our superior quality linen you are saying to your guests, whether they be family members or company employees, that they are valued.

All our linen is freshly laundered and hand-inspected before it is delivered to you. Hiring linen from us allows you to create your very own theme, safe in the knowledge that the linen will arrive in perfect condition, delivered on time and to your exacting specifications. We also collect the linen following your event, so there is no need for you to worry about laundering, leave it all to us.

Experienced Linen Hire
We're Experienced
Event Professionals

We're experienced event professionals and the industry experts when it comes to your requirements.

Weekends Linen Hire
We're Open
7 Days A Week!

We understand that appearance is everything and that linen plays a huge role in forming the atmosphere of the day.

Passionate Linen Hire
We're Passionate
About Events

From romantic to professional, we have linen to complete the theme of your choice and can meet any special requirements.

Who can hire from us?


Over our years in this industry we have had large clients with extensive hotel and restaurant chains, high-level professionals with regular needs for linen due to seminars and corporate events and we have also helped those looking to upgrade their personal events with the use of our fresh, crisp linen. From 21st birthday parties to five star hotels, we have the solution for all...

Corporate Event

Corporate Events

The Perfect Supplier

If you are a corporate customer and you need to hire linen for client entertainment, exhibitions, staff seminars, trade shows or professional parties then we can provide the solution. Our corporate service is quick, efficient and at the best prices you could find. We can deliver your linen to your office or the venue for your convenience and ensure that everything looks perfect, prior to your event.

Wedding Event

Wedding Linen

Complete The Look

Planning a wedding can be the most exciting experiences of your life. When it comes to the planning of the reception, looking at your table, chair and decorative linens is the way to guarantee sophistication and elegance - and it’s also something we’re extremely experienced in to be able to ensure that you choose the right linen for you and your needs.

Family Event

Family Events

Bring The Family Together

From Anniversaries, Christenings, Funerals, Bar Mitzvahs to fun family parties such as celebrating those special Birthdays - we can help you to organise your decor with our perfect linens. If you want us to deliver to your door then this is no problem, or we could deliver to your chosen venue and even help you to set it all up, leaving you to relax and enjoy the celebrations.